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Bill Evans, Mandurah

You know, I can’t imagine why I ever worried about anything. After only six weeks of MindPower Coaching, I can see infinite possibilities with my new mental powers. I can’t remember ever being this relaxed and I am enjoying being a young man again. Everything is so much easier to do, not to mention how much more pleasurable life is.

I always hoped that somehow if I could get my mind/brain to match my talents, then being successful on the Seniors Golf Tour would become a reality. Even during the first week of training, I had a marked improvement and all I was doing was learning to relax. I now find playing difficult shots easier to do, withstanding pressure is natural, in fact, there is very little pressure because I have stopped putting myself under pressure. All in all, I now understand why high achievers are high achievers, and I am looking forward to joining their ranks. Many thanks for your assistance George, I look forward to catching up soon.

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