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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Susanne Iles, Artist, Ireland
Thank you again for allowing me to participate in your 7 step life coaching program. I've been able to actively apply so many of the concepts with astonishingly positive results Some examples: I am in three art shows this month, and am moving to a beautiful location in two weeks. The new place has room for some personal creative space for me...hurray! (For the last few years I have been painting in the kitchen) My relationship with my husband has improved, new friends and contacts are being made, old, bad habits are being put permanently to rest etc. etc. etc. Thank you again for everything George
Bill Evans, Mandurah
You know, I can't imagine why I ever worried about anything. After only six weeks of MindPower Coaching I can see infinite possibilities with my new mental powers. I can't remember ever being this relaxed and I am enjoying being a young man again. Everything is so much easier to do, not to mention how much more pleasurable life is.

I always hoped that somehow if I could get my mind/brain to match my talents, then being successful on the Seniors Golf Tour would become a reality. Even during the first week of training I had a marked improvement and all I was doing was learning to relax.

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Mark W, Fremantle
I wanted to say thanks for the quality of your life coaching; your perseverance and commitment to understanding the depths of the mechanics of our beliefs and patterns. It always inspiring to work with you. I really have enjoyed and benefitted from our sessions. Keep up the great work!
Sandra Ongaro, Butterfly Interiors, Sydney
Your life coaching George has helped me achieve my life long dream of being an interior decorator. As you know, confidence in myself was down when we first met, a few weeks ago now. Now, my husband, sisters and friends are saying how focused and driven I am. I have tripled my client projects this week! I must confess a little overwhelmed with the growth but I gather you will help me learn to manage it! :)

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