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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Elizabeth Downs - Hillary's Harbour, Perth, W
George THE MindPower Life Coach: What a wonderfully, clever and unique approach to coaching. What great understanding this man has. The facts and information on how the brain works is mind blowing! I've already benefited so much from my sessions with George. I now look at life in a completely different way and handle myself and scenarios in a far more objective and understanding manner. Although I still have some way to go I'm already empowered for the next adventurous stage of my life. Love and appreciate everything you do George!
Karly Jouni, Sydney
It's been about a year since I did your life coach program, but just wanted to let you know it still helps me in my life. Not only did it help me with my state of mind to fall pregnant after trying and illness, but I also believe it still is helping in my relationships and life overall. I'm calmer, have better perspective and feel better within myself.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and ideas. You opened my mind and eyes to so many things and helped me to empower myself. Never been happier and maybe nothing, changed just my perspective and my view on life.

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Emily G, East Perth
I am very grateful for your help George. Without my sessions with you I don't think I would have started this incredible journey into the inside of me. Thank you for opening this door inside my soul. It has changed my world for nothing but the better. I'm enjoying my journey of healing and joy right now. Basketball is going better I'm happy with the attitude I have. I'm proud of who I show up as. My performance is improving as well just like you said it would!
Michelle T, Perth Australia
Dear George

I wanted to share this with whoever was stuck like me. I would like to help them find you. I hope you like what I wrote: -

When I walked into my first free life coach session with George Helou I had no intention of coming back and paying to see him. I just wanted him to tell me exactly why it was that I was terminally disappointed with my life; the fact that I couldn't even manage to get a fling let alone a relationship, I didn't have any friends that I felt were really there for me,

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