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Sheena Vera Cruz EP7 Coaching
Meeting George was definitely one of the amazing highlights throughout the last 2 years. When we crossed paths, it was very timely. I was going through a transition in my life. I was questioning my career, relationships those around me, my next move and my purpose in all of it.

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Dr Ralph Hudson, Maylands
My name is Dr Ralph Hudson, I'm a Veterinarian. George Helou has been my business coach for over three years. I asked George to help me as I wanted to expand my business and was struggling in a number of areas, especially delegation. I had to be in control of everything but more importantly, I felt uncomfortable asking my team to go above and beyond. I felt that imposing extra work and responsibility on my team was unfair, even though I love being challenged and would be disappointment if my boss didn't ask more of me. So we worked through EP7 and uncovered a clash of principles and beliefs.

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Jessica Clowes, Perth
I felt like I had been looking for myself since my late teens. There were times when I felt like I had found myself as I felt happy and content. However, no sooner had I decided that that was it and that I was finally living my true self, something would happen that would see me feeling just as I had before. I had considered going through life coaching off and on for many years, but ended up trying to work things out for myself (with the assistance of counselling). Unfortunately, my efforts were never quite enough.
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Lisa May McCulloch, Sydney
I just love you George, I owe you so much! 2008-2010 was an horrific time, your life coaching inspired and encouraged me to change and grow as a kind loving human being and given me the tools as I continue to learn and grow into the person that I am proud of being!! You played a very important part in my life and you need to be aware how profound your life coaching is.... With that I say a humble thank you.

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