Emma Wright, Perth

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The day I walked into George's office, that was the day I knew it was make or break. The thought alone made me clench my teeth to stop the tears...You see when I met George I knew something had to change, how, when, and where was a big blur. I was insecure, scared and sad. He took me by the hand and showed me what I can be, how I can be and where I can be. He made me believe!

I worked through my insecurities, opened up about my fears and cried about my sadness. He guided me step by step to find my feet, stand up, put a smile on, lift my chin and face what is in front of me. This became me, I grew. And before I knew the next challenge hit, I stood up, shook off the dust and grew again. Today it's part of me. I see myself as secure, confident, not scared of the uncertain but intrigued about what I will bring to it, and I am happy.

Today, I grew again, and I want to thank you George for giving me the tools and teachings so that I get to share with you how I conquer obstacles and how I solve problems. How this new me is loving life and all its ups and downs completely.