Dr Ralph Hudson, Maylands

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My name is Dr Ralph Hudson, I'm a Veterinarian. George Helou has been my business coach for over three years. I asked George to help me as I wanted to expand my business and was struggling in a number of areas, especially delegation. I had to be in control of everything but more importantly, I felt uncomfortable asking my team to go above and beyond. I felt that imposing extra work and responsibility on my team was unfair, even though I love being challenged and would be disappointment if my boss didn't ask more of me. So we worked through EP7 and uncovered a clash of principles and beliefs.

This has allowed me to empower my team. Unsurprisingly they appreciate the chance to have ownership and grow. This has given me the confidence and ability to expand the business. It is very rewarding to help my team grow. Having a set of principles to support my decision making, help me grow and allow me to see so many more possibilities has been such fun. I have experienced significant personal grown in the last 3 years.

Thanks George, fun times!