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EP7 - Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps.
The proven Coaching Process


Empowered Identity

• Reducing stress levels and increasing resilience to obstacles

• Understanding the science of your extraordinary bio-engineering

• Learning the Empowerment Principles of elite achievers that guarantee effective leadership

• Discovering your true identity and overcoming childhood conditioning that erodes self-confidence

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Personal Assessment

The power of this coaching process facilitates:

• Uncovering the knowledge, wisdom, and talent already within you

• Dissolving disempowering virus beliefs that hold you back

• Tracking actions and feelings to identify the principles that determine your personal constitution

• Experiencing ‘aha!’ moments as you reconnect with your true and dynamic identity

• Preparing for your personal evolution into an empowered identity



• Understanding why you were born with a powerful imagination

• Identifying how and why the system may have disempowered and shut it down

• Reclaiming your ability to innovate and creatively problem-solve in every aspect of your life

• Utilizing scientifically proven, advanced tools to continue developing your creative abilities, enabling you to access new possibilities and opportunities that empower your vision and purpose



• Discovering how connecting to your intuitive ability can boost your performance

• Building credibility and understanding through scientific evidence of the tangible benefits of intuition

• Adopting new disciplines and techniques to develop your intuition, enabling you to make sound decisions with clarity and confidence



• Understanding the importance of purpose and why it should be present in every aspect of your life

• Reconfiguring your mind and habits to align naturally with your purpose

• Developing your purpose with the level of detail necessary to ignite your passion

• Discovering how your purpose can lead you to unlock your unique genius

• Recognizing that the journey is just as vital as the destination

• Becoming clear and confident in your purpose, and learning to take action towards achieving it


Make It Happen

• Learning to inject your purpose into every moment of your life effortlessly

• Developing purpose-based goals that never feel out of reach or like obligations

• Aligning with multi-purpose tasking strategies to achieve multiple goal-oriented actions with ease and enjoyment

• Accessing the necessary resources to ensure you realize your purpose-based goals


Environmental Alignment

• Managing four key internal and external environments critical to your success

• Addressing stubborn, disempowering habits that may be sabotaging your purpose

• Learning new skills and strategies for managing relationships that conflict with your empowered, purpose-based direction

• Implementing an Environmental Audit and executing a personal change management strategy to ensure your empowered self is supported until new habits are established.

Empowered for Lasting Change

Are you ready to take control of your life and achieve your goals? With these 7 steps and your commitment to the process, you can make significant changes in your life in no time! No matter what challenges or frustrations you’re facing, each step will help you shift your mindset and transform the way you relate to yourself and your environment, ultimately leading to the outcomes you desire.

As you may be aware, our mood greatly influences our thoughts, perceptions, and reactions to the world around us. This phenomenon works much like the Law of Attraction, which is just one of the 52 Empowerment Principles utilized to empower you to live the life you desire. You’ll be able to tap into these principles and unlock much more of your potential, no matter what your heart desires.

Are you tired of just setting goals without actually achieving them? Do you want to become the kind of person who naturally accomplishes what they set out to do? If so, EP7 coaching might be just what you need. With my expert guidance, you’ll develop the drive and resourcefulness necessary to achieve your goals and transform your life. Plus, with a complimentary life coach session available in Subiaco, there’s no reason not to get started today! So why wait? Let’s create a life you really want.

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