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EP7 Certified Life Coach George Helou

Hello, my name is George Helou, your potential life coach in Perth

My first coaching job for my first client also turned into personally coaching his 8 staff, within the same month. Within 6 months, I found myself on a six figure income life coaching the entire organisation for the next 2 years before I moved to Perth to start a family with my Perth-based wife, Sabina. The feedback the company would receive from customers and associates was inspiring. They could not believe how happy, confident and energised everybody was. After 7 years of personal development being applied to my own life by the year 2000, this was my first experience applying what I had learned outside of myself.

That’s when I knew life coaching, mentoring and business consulting in personal and team peak performance was what I was meant to be doing. It would take about another decade before I would develop EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. EP7 is a process that was revealed because of 15 years of tried and tested personal development on my life, business and life coaching clients with great success. I continue to work with many business clients since the year 2000 because of the EP7 process. It would therefore make sense that applying these principles to yield the same success in my life was a priority, before considering being a personal coach to confidently help others.

The first 2 books published were Australian 6 time best sellers; Angelic Dreams and Mystical Dreams. They were inspirational sayings with fantasy photographs. My latest published book is Cinderella’s Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella. This title was inspired by my daughter as I was reading her the bedtime story of Cinderella and realised how disempowering it was.

This classic version we all are familiar with was encouraging our young children to think they can just solve their problems by just being nice no matter how much they are bullied. And the solution would end up being a Fairy Godmother with a magic wand and a prince. The retelling of the story actually reveals that the Fairy Tale was encoded with an empowering story where Ella was transformed and it was her new attitude and conviction that allowed her to get to the ball and find her prince. More information on the book can be found at

I am now working on my third book Empowered for Purpose, which will cover in great detail the 7 steps and how to implement them. I have also launched an EP7 Coaching Academy that trains and certifies new and existing life coaches with the EP7 Process.

I am known as MPC in the music scene with my first track called Live Everyday (Like its Your Birthday) as a way to spread the empowering message that everyone should feel as special and empowered to make their wishes come true as they do on their birthday. That this empowered purpose to create your future is meant to be with you everyday not one day per year!

Another song I wrote and co-produced is Hollywood. It’s about how you can be any character you want to be, that your true identity is never the personality you are conditioned to value. That you are greater than any behavioural trait, belief or habit. That you are just as genuine switching into the most appropriate character that is most compatible with achieving your goals and not let society or any institution dictate what your values should be.

When I was 10 years of age, I would listen to artists like Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael and read the CD booklets from beginning to end and read all the musicians that wrote and performed each track. I recall making a decision to become one of those people to be on the cover one day. This has become a reality! I also made a decision in 2002 that I would meet Prince, did not know how. Not only did I meet him, joke around with him for an hour, but also got to dance and sing with him on stage as a VIP guest. I wrote all about it on my EP7 Blog.

I continued to gain personal empowerment knowledge and training that included quality personal time with Deepak Chopra at his office in San Diego and in Australia, where I drove him to radio interviews and was able to discuss a range of metaphysical topics. I gained a lot of confidence by experiencing the compatibility between his views and what I was learning and applying.

I have since received an electronic drum kit thanks to my dear soul brother JB who knew my passion for music and my desire to get back to my primary instrument. JB was with me on the Prince adventure.

I met the love of my life and have an incredible daughter who turned 14 in October 2020, thanks to the empowering principles that allowed me to attract whatever I wished for. Life truly has been magical for me in ways I cannot begin to describe.

However, there have been and continue to be challenges in my life. Things go wrong, conflicts arise and plans do not always pan out the way you intend them to. We are all indeed an artwork in progress, and that makes life a lot more meaningul, with the permission to have a go without the pressure to be perfect. The most empowering part of my work is the resilience you develop within you to handle everything that comes your way. By learning to handle the challenges with humility, confidence, creativity and intuition nothing will ever derail you from eventually arriving at your desired destination. It also allows me to perform through EP7 and Life Coach Perth with understanding and compassion, a very vital part of being an effective life coach.

The one thing I learned early on was that successful people literally have more obstacles, setbacks and failures than the status quo. The reason for this is that they don’t see these experiences as negative but as part of the process of aligning and achieving goals. This attitude becomes your ticket to inevitable success.

George Helou explains what the free life coach session is all about

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