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EP7 Certified Life Coach George Helou

Hello, my name is George Helou, your potential life coach in Perth

Early in my coaching career, I had the privilege of coaching a client and his team of 8. My work with them was so impactful that within 6 months, I was coaching the entire organization, earning a six-figure income in the process. The results were remarkable – customers and colleagues alike were amazed by the newfound confidence, energy, and happiness of everyone involved. This experience marked the first time I applied my years of personal development and coaching expertise to transform the lives of others. Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to have helped countless individuals and businesses achieve their goals and unlock their true potential. Let me do the same for you.

Since that first experience, my career as a life coach has led me to many exciting projects and collaborations. One of my proudest achievements is developing the Life Coach Academy, where I train and mentor aspiring coaches to help them make a difference in the lives of others. I’ve also spearheaded a four-year mental health roadshow for mine sites in the Pilbara region, partnering with industry giants Rio Tinto and BHP to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience. Along the way, I’ve created a suite of empowerment programs and tools designed to help people live their purpose and unlock their full potential in all areas of life. Whatever your goals may be, I’m here to help you achieve them with confidence and clarity.

My passion for empowering individuals to live their best lives has led me to some incredible opportunities over the years. For instance, I had the privilege of developing and running Reinvent You workshops for UNESCO’s Youth Conference for World Kindness Day, where I served as the Australian Ambassador for the World Kindness Movement. It was an honor to help young people tap into their potential and cultivate a sense of purpose and kindness that they can carry with them throughout their lives. This is just one example of the many initiatives and partnerships I’ve been involved in as a life coach, and I’m excited to bring my expertise and passion to help you achieve your own goals and live your best life.

I’ve been fortunate to have several successful books published over the years. My first two books, Angelic Dreams and Mystical Dreams, were six-time bestsellers in Australia. They featured inspiring sayings accompanied by stunning fantasy photographs. My latest book, Cinderella’s Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella, was inspired by a bedtime story I read to my daughter. As I read the classic version of Cinderella, I couldn’t help but feel that it was disempowering for young children. It suggested that problems can be solved by simply being nice, no matter how much one is bullied. The retelling of the story, however, reveals a much more empowering message: that Ella’s transformation came from within, driven by her own attitude and conviction. In my book, I decode the classic tale to reveal its true message and help readers find their own inner strength and purpose. For more information about Cinderella’s Secrets.

As a child, I was captivated by the music of icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, and George Michael. I would pore over the CD booklets, reading every detail about the musicians who wrote and performed each track. It was during this time that I made a decision: one day, I would be one of those artists on the cover. And, as fate would have it, that dream became a reality.

But that’s not all. In 2002, I made another bold decision: I would meet Prince, no matter what it took. And not only did I meet him, but I also got to joke around with him for an hour, dance and sing with him on stage as a VIP guest. It was an experience beyond my wildest dreams, and one that I’ll cherish forever. I even wrote about it on my EP7 Blog, which you can check out for the full story

I am known as MPC in the music scene with my first track called Live Everyday (Like its Your Birthday) as a way to spread the empowering message that everyone should feel as special and empowered to make their wishes come true as they do on their birthday. That this empowered purpose to create your future is meant to be with you everyday not one day per year!

Another song I wrote and co-produced is Hollywood. It’s about how you can be any character you want to be, that your true identity is never the personality you are conditioned to value. That you are greater than any behavioural trait, belief or habit. That you are just as genuine switching into the most appropriate character that is most compatible with achieving your goals and not let society or any institution dictate what your values should be.

My quest for personal empowerment and growth led me to seek out knowledge and training from some of the brightest minds in the field. One such opportunity came when I had the privilege of spending quality time with Deepak Chopra. During my visits to his office in San Diego and in Australia, I was able to drive him to radio interviews and engage in meaningful discussions on a wide range of metaphysical topics.

These experiences not only gave me a deeper understanding of personal empowerment, but also boosted my confidence in my own beliefs and practices. It was incredible to see how compatible Deepak’s views were with what I was learning and applying in my own life. I continue to be inspired by these interactions and strive to share that inspiration with others through my work as a life coach.

Thanks to the empowering principles that I’ve embraced, I’ve been able to manifest some incredible blessings in my life. I met the love of my life and am blessed to have an amazing daughter who just turned 14 in October 2020.

It’s hard to put into words just how magical life has been for me. But I know that it’s all thanks to the principles that I’ve learned and applied over the years. Whether it’s love, abundance, or fulfillment, I truly believe that anything is possible if we are willing to put in the work and trust in the universe.

Life is full of challenges, and I am no exception. I’ve faced my fair share of setbacks and conflicts, and there have been times when my plans haven’t worked out as intended. But I’ve come to realize that these challenges are what make life truly meaningful. We are all works of art in progress, and it’s okay to stumble and make mistakes along the way.

The most rewarding aspect of my work as a life coach is the resilience it helps build. By learning to approach challenges with humility, confidence, creativity, and intuition, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. This mindset is what allows me to perform at my best through EP7 and Life Coach Perth, always approaching my clients with understanding and compassion.

I am clear that it’s not about being perfect – it’s about having the courage to try, to learn from our mistakes, and to keep moving forward towards our desired destination. We are all artworks in progress. With the right tools and mindset, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Let me help you build that resilience and tackle your challenges head-on, so you can live your best life.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned early on in my journey is that successful people face just as many obstacles, setbacks, and failures as anyone else – if not more. But what sets them apart is their mindset. They view these experiences not as negative roadblocks, but as crucial stepping stones on the path to success.

Adopting this mindset can be a game-changer. It’s the attitude that turns obstacles into opportunities and failures into lessons. It’s what gives you the resilience and determination to keep moving forward, even in the face of adversity.

And the best part? With this mindset, success is inevitable. When you approach every challenge with a growth mindset, and see every setback as an opportunity to learn and improve, you can’t help but achieve your goals.

As a life coach, I’m here to help you cultivate this winning mindset and turn your obstacles into stepping stones towards success. Together, we can unlock your full potential and help you achieve your dreams.

George Helou explains what the free life coach session is all about

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