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Hello, my name is George Helou, your potential life coach!

My first coaching job for my very first client turned into coaching 8 staff, within the same month. Within 3 months, I found myself on a six figure income coaching the entire organisation for the next 2 years before I moved to Perth. The remarks the company would receive from alliances and customers. Read more

You can be empowered to live your purpose now, through 7 steps

The easiest way to explain why the results have been outstanding is to provide an overview of EP7. This will share how you can master your destiny and become your own life coach. Learning to life coach yourself is the ultimate personal empowerment goal and you are about to discover how through the 7 Steps. Read more

What Next? A Free Life Coach Session in the Perth Office helps you experience the value

The best part of my life coaching service is you get to experience it for free first! In this session, you will receive clarity and ideas on how to clarify and realise your goals and how we can work together. I live in Perth so being able to meet with clients face to face is a very rewarding part of my day. Read more



Career Coach and Personal Development Perth

I have always had a passion to become a life coach, long before I even knew what the term was. My passion for learning and applying personal development to my life with great results also lead me to sharing what worked with others. As I saw what I was sharing empower people to realise their dreams, it sparked that desire in me to make it my career.

I found myself on a six figure income barely six months after the commencement of my first coaching project. I am grateful to that entire organisation, for giving me a chance to prove what can be achieved by personally developing a work culture, one individual at a time for 2 years. I eventually had to leave the company after fulfilling a promise to move to Perth with the love of my life.

After 7 years of personal development until 2000, this first experience of applying what I had learned over the years was evidence I was living my purpose. That’s when I knew coaching, mentoring and consulting business was right for me. It would take another 7 odd years before I would develop what I now call the EP7 - Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. It’s a 7 Step life coaching system which encompassed 15 years of tested personal development that could accurately explain what makes anyone an elite performer in any field, be it academics, sports, business or arts. The first 2 books I published were gift style books with my sayings I penned over a decade. They ended up being Australian best sellers 5 times over: Angelic Dreams and Mystical Dreams I am now writing my book on EP7, called Journey to Genius. I am also in the process of developing a MindPower Coach Academy that will certify new and existing life coaches to coach with the EP7 system.

As I continue to apply these 7 steps in my life, my most rewarding dreams continue to materialise. I recently launched my music as MPC (MindPower Coach) Here is a sneak of one of one of my pre-released tracks called Live Everyday Like it’s Your Birthday. This song is another way I spread empowering messages, like you are meant to live everyday like its your birthday, rather than one day per year.

When I was a 10-year-old, I used to listen to Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael and read the CD booklets from beginning to end. I would read the names of every musician that produced, wrote and/or performed. I recall making a decision to become one of those people and to be on the cover of a CD one day. This has now become a reality!

I had also made a decision in 2002 that I would meet the Prince but back then I did not know how, when and where it will be possible. Not only did I meet him and chat about life, but ended up dancing and singing with him on stage as a VIP guest. What a ride that was!

Influences that led me to make a career in life coaching include personal time with Deepak Chopra. I accompanied him on radio interviews and discussed personal development. Consequently, I gained a lot of confidence thanks to his wisdom and encouragement.

I do feel blessed to be living my purpose and I find it rewarding to be in a profession that helps people do the same. As a personal coach, I meet amazing people every day and have the privilege of helping them realise their dreams. It keeps me motivated, which is why I have been giving 90 minute free introductory coach sessions for many years.

For a complimentary life coaching session at my Life Coach Perth office at 431 Roberts Rd, Subiaco, please don't hesitate to call me on 08 6102 1055.

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Recent Testimonials

Hi George

As you know, before I ventured into doing your Empowered for Purpose program, I was on a life journey with no purpose. Your coaching program has changed my whole mindset and focus. Each session and the assignment that followed gave me the confidence I required to become empowered in every aspect of my life.

Thank you for all your help George and the encouraging feedback when self doubt tried to get the better of me. I am recommending your EP7 program to personal and business friends that are overdue for living with purpose.



Thank you George for coaching me through EP7. I got so much more out of this program than I thought I would. It made me realise just how easy it is to change things. I noticed a difference straight away when I didnt think it could happen quickly. Now I really understand that all you have to do is change your beliefs!


Empowerment Principles Quotes

"When clear about our purpose, we can surround ourselves with people, situations and activities that support and consistently satisfy it. Our ability to identify what to say yes to with passion instead of resentment and what to say no to without guilt, is highly enabling."

"When we live our purpose, we can easily assert our position as opposed to being aggressive or defensive over an insecure stance that does not reflect our worthy essence. Living our purpose ignites our worth and allows personal meaning to fill us with confidence and empower us into achieving our greatest goals."

Reference: 52 Empowerment Principles