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My first coaching job for my very first client turned into coaching 8 staff, within the same month. After 3 months, I f ...

The easiest way to explain why the results have been outstanding is to provide an overview of EP7. This will share how ...

The best part of my life coaching service is you get to experience it for free first! In this session, you will receive ...

George Helou explains what the free life coach session is all about

My Journey into Personal Development, developing EP7, becoming a
Life Coach and an Empowered for Purpose Educator

I have always had a passion to become a life coach, long before I even knew what the term was. My passion for learning and applying personal development to my life with great results also lead me to sharing what worked with others. As I saw what I was sharing empower people to realise their dreams, it sparked that desire in me to make it my career.
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